What can do to make money in the current network environment

today we are going to talk about the network but also how to make money? I want to mention this topic, no one is not good, after all, now this society what is in need of money, no money can’t do anything.

network to make money, is a very popular topic! But it is a pity that many people have misunderstood the meaning of it, that the network is to make money for nothing, but some people do, but on the contrary, the network that it is impossible to make money, is a lie. In fact, to say that the Internet makes money, its real concept should be "small home office" means, "SOHO Office" (Small Office Home). Originated in the late 80s in the United States, I believe many of my friends have heard about SOTHO, now in China still belong to the initial stage, in the near future, SOTHO will be known to every family, so now is an opportunistic stage. Do not many people, any one industry is the same, few people do so to earn money much easier. read more

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The best way to manage webmaster

see a lot of people to write Adsense business articles, most of the business of personal webmaster is to technology, because the lowest for individual stationmaster start-up costs, a computer, a person can start their own business, but do not understand the technical management personnel how to become a the success of the


in today’s rapid development of science and technology, web site for people is more and more simple, from the very beginning, high price please network company to do, to personal production, in the template operation, development is very fast. For now the webmaster technology is more and more big challenge, you might have written procedures, less than two days to be copied, but most of the people who belong to their mode of replication management center. read more

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Say something to a friend who has just made a website

my language level is not good, please forgive me brother. Why do you do website? Interest? Make money? Occupation?


if it’s money, it’s better not to do it. Because you buy space and domain names, you worry for months. This is my personal experience. Why do you say that,


I have seen how many people earn on the Internet and how much I envy. I feel like I have been consuming online for so many years. I don’t even have a website, so I bought (space, domain name). Now silly, not the space is not good, but their own mongolia. read more

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Seven tips to quickly improve the enterprise marketing website conversion rate

introduction: now many small and medium enterprises have joined the ranks of the network marketing, some enterprises through the Internet to get a lot of orders, the effect of network marketing in some enterprises are not very good, do good business, every day there are many traffic and precise flow into the enterprise marketing website, but there is no inquiry, think oneself industry of Internet users is not mature, not enough to allow enterprises to do network marketing, gradually lost confidence, there are many enquiries conversion rate is not high reason, of course, with the industry is not much, but there is a direct link with the marketing tool, inquiry of the conversion is not high enterprises many websites are the traditional template, and now is not the mainstream personalized marketing website, today Xiaobian depth and share and improve enterprise marketing Website conversion skills. read more

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Website operation initial promotion focus and promotion channel analysis

many of my friends asked me, to determine their own goals, also know some promotion methods, but no matter how to do optimization, keywords, Baidu included or difficult or keywords do not, seeing their efforts to pay no effect, but can not find the reason. I feel wronged. Ask me what shortcut and method I can do quickly.

the answer is yes, of course. The reason is whether you know your own optimization priorities and promotion channels,

in the lecture before the small argument or to emphasize a basic problem! A good website is the operation of the foundation, even if the company a good website are not. Suggest that you start with the revised website, read more

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