RealVNC improves remote PC access with a BIOSlevel server

first_imgThere are plenty of excellent remote desktop apps out there — from relative newcomers like TeamViewer and Mikogo to grizzled veterans like RealVNC. Proving once again that you can teach an old dog new tricks, the RealVNC crew was on hand at the Intel Developer Forum 2011 showing off a killer new feature that those other young pups can’t brag about: BIOS access.Most remote apps have a server component that starts with Windows — either as a service or as an application that launches and hides in the system tray. What RealVNC did was to integrate its server directly into the firmware on a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop.So why is that a big deal? BIOS level access means you can remotely perform tasks like reconfiguring hardware settings at the very lowest level, booting to removable media, or setting up BIOS and hard drive passwords. Granted, that first one might not be a big deal any more since most motherboard manufacturers have offered Windows-based utilities that allow you to tweak BIOS settings, but there’s one additional benefit the RealVNC integration offers: cost savings.Other KVM-over-IP solutions can be pretty darn expensive ($300 for a low-end model), and RealVNC is anything but — at around $25 for a single enterprise license. If that means a motherboard manufacturer could license the RealVNC BIOS server and include it on mid-range and high-end workstation and server boards for $20 or so, it seems like a no-brainer. Remote access is a pretty tasty carrot to dangle in front of power users and system administrators, after all.More at Engadgetlast_img read more

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