The day Semedo lived the same as Marega in Guimarães

first_imgIn 2017, when he played and suffered something similar with Benfica, he reveals that he felt supported by his club but not by the Portuguese society and press, which on Monday on its covers unanimously defended the performance of the Porto player. “I felt very supported by my colleagues and Benfica but not so much by public opinion. I remember reading an article in which they criticized my gesture saying that the client (the fan who pays admission) is always right and that the only interaction that is allowed from a player to an amateur is applause. They would not expect me to applaud an act of racism … “, he confessed. As a solution, Semedo calls for an improvement of the arbitration protocol for these situations and a more decisive performance by the members. “The first person to react in this type of situation has to be the referee. What I would have to do, in my opinion, is to suspend the match and not wait for a player to suffer so much that he has to leave the field “he sentenced. Nelson Semedo acknowledged in the Portuguese newspaper Público that during his time at Benfica he suffered a similar episode of racism Moussa Marega spent this weekend in the match between Vitoria Guimarães and Porto at the Estadio D. Afonso Henriques. The striker wanted to leave the field after suffering racist insults by local fans and was replaced by Conceicao, who decided to take him off the field. In this diary, Semedo supported the attempt to leave the grass of his partner and says that, today, he would act evenl. The same did not happen in 2017, when it was his turn to visit this stadium against Benfica and he even saw the yellow one for reacting with a gesture that affected the attitude of the fans towards the bench of the rival team. “Today I would have acted differently. At that time I was not so mature. If it happened to me today, I would have done exactly what Marega did: leave the country”, recognize.“What happened in Guimarães is unfortunate. In football, as in life there is no place for racism. Marega was very brave to leave the game. It is a problem worldwide and increasingly common due to lack of punishment or because the punishment has been mild by UEFA or the federations, “says Semedo in support of the performance of the Porto player and asking for greater penalties for the aggressors.last_img read more

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