This article will compare for the products maybe your audience will be more

article with pictures, as far as possible with the author’s own operation example, after all various form of information expression will give the reader more patience to watch it.

but I think many webmaster content is also a lingering shadow, because there are a lot of friends are purely technical background, you want to make him a string of code, no problem, ten minutes to fix, but you have to let him give you to write an article or summarize his experience, but also a difficult than ever, hold out a word. What’s more, a technical or practical experience as you people casually write articles, can be published on the Gao Quanzhong website, and you’re a hardcore technical personnel and even the audit threshold can, in which it can not be justified. But we thought not after complaining, why can’t I write a article, while others can easily write read more

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Wrong love Shanghai new method on how to build the chain and the chain construction

love Shanghai "green" algorithm on-line after many websites have tasted the bitter fruit: collected by K, the web site is down right, ranking drop… Etc., all this may be because in the process of construction site by the construction of the chain method is not reasonable, after the introduction of the new algorithm in the grassroots webmaster has been lost in seeking solutions, especially for the construction of the chain this piece of how to carry out. This is not a particularly complex problem, but it is not simple, here is some of my experience to try to analyze how to carry out the construction of the chain work under the current. read more

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From 1 thousand months to Wangzhuan rookie investment to earn 3 thousandGG advertising for 1 years s

I advocate is to try not to cheat, but often there are a lot of people do GG have to cheat, some are not K, there is K, why is this? Remember our teacher said that the exam when you can cheat, but have the ability to cheat you don’t want to be found, so students we have discussed how to cheat will not be a teacher to find this point? As I want to say GG can not cheat on the best, but if that cheating is a technology, but also need your mind.

, I took one thousand dollars to their usual part-time job, bought 10 of the domain name and space, all of a sudden do 10 sites that use the new network space and domain name, I find the local network company, let them give me the domain name and space, they appreciate the boss I am the spirit of entrepreneurship, with the cost price to get me the domain name and space, a COM domain name that is 52 yuan, 100M is 32 yuan, add up to less than one hundred, very cost-effective. And so on for a week, the record down, and then I began to do the station, the program I spent 5 yuan to buy Taobao, ZB do the station, and now such a program is very much, belonging to Taobao customers single page program. The 10 station I made 10 different products, such as Soybean Milk machine, heighten medicine, mascara and Cleansing Cream and so on, are looking for some small competitive products, do not dare to do the first time the competition, in order to cultivate confidence. Oh, do not fear the competition up. read more

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n 2011 summed up the chain construction site encountered unfavorable factors

BBS signature is the website links, the webmaster love to high weight forum, reply the top posts by the way of topic posts or every day, never do BBS signature of the chain, the effect is quite good. But with the search engine adjustment, the chain effect of forum signature declining.

search engine to adjust the weight of blog, use blog to do the long tail word ranking, it is very difficult to get good rankings.

A form of

, a domestic portal free blog outside the chain of quality overall decline of read more

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On the search engine the construction site to appear vividly in

: optimization of content relevance

The Correlation of

two: optimization of the key word

control is not good web content, even if the search engine included daily, but the result may be "no weight ranking", which means some webmasters often mentioned "why my site included every day, but why not flow not ranked? Is it by artificial intervention?" don’t ranking due to manual intervention to listen to the wind is the wind that a station is not likely to face this situation. There is no weight ranking is only the content of the website optimization is not in place, the search engine development direction is not thorough understanding of the site caused by. If is the direction of development of a new word to hold the site from the beginning of the construction of the original is good, it is good, but also what is not going to talk about what to do affect the direction of the site, the site is updated as the main development direction. The old station then to a binary suggestion here, the site now half-dead state then to optimize the content of a centralized sort of website content, content classification. If the useless content too much it should be removed from the site list out, but the space to exist the corresponding file, so that the search engines don’t think you deleted the content caused a lot of mistakes 404. After a period of time, the relevant degree of natural page has been strengthened. read more

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Analysis of influence factors of ranking website link interpretation


The influence of

other websites can give their own links which link text is very important, if you can choose to click on a link, this link is the best word, is very important to the website ranking, if the word can link in the web page of text is of course the most good, but in general this is a bit difficult. Mostly in other places, so the search engine can determine that it is not a part of the content on the website, ranking will greatly discount.

and how the overall ranking of

export and import link read more

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Different methods of advertising website optimization optimization

for most personal website, pop ads is a good type of advertising, it is a stable source of advertising, do not need to click to generate revenue, search engine optimization, how to promote your website?. The user is not voluntary but click, pop-up automatically when users browse the site, have a certain impact on the user’s browsing experience.


professional nature of the site, suitable for running CPS advertising books. If the site launched is not related with the content of CPS advertising, it is difficult to let people buy, certainly did not have any advertising revenue. read more

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English website how effective the chain


correlation is the most important one to do the wedding website to do a painting of the foreign trade website the chain effect that is really small, link to the website of your authority is also very important, leading a Wong Vera wedding industry to you do outside the chain, and a Suzhou imitation brand wedding mall B2C give you the chain gap is huge. The website of the authority level by the number of high authority website to make him see one-way links.

we look at what kind of ranking noble chain impact: read more

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Enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

6) to write a concise report on optimization, Shanghai Longfeng planning, and Shanghai dragon plan about this, actually this is for a study of their own, look at the stages of what needs to be in place.

Enterprise Station of Shanghai dragon has a lot to analysis, when a website to get the first hand.

In fact, Phil

4) observation to the optimization of the website keyword competition, this is a must see, a keyword directory should take into account the keyword has much competition, and this is a keyword how valuable, there are some key space pan, is very easy to cause the traffic situation, no conversion rate this is, we need to observe the (select keywords, and understand the long tail keywords will be every Shanghai dragon Er will learn the knowledge, whether using tools or with love Shanghai or search, there must be a complete list, according to the word and in turn, long tail keywords will be ready) the best source of your flow. read more

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How do the crooked Shanghai dragon promotion

and QQ group is the same reason, the first large and crooked crooked group, each group can accommodate ten thousand people at the same time, more powerful than the QQ group, it is best to choose the more active group, otherwise, although people can not active, the effect will be just passable. But you can choose according to their own wishes, I just suggest.

I believe everyone to YY must not strange, in ordinary life, I also often use YY, is basic in the game on the crooked, but sometimes boring when they go on listening to the music began to play, I did not care about crooked, then slowly I found a good platform for the YY tools but also the promotion of. So, today I will share my views. read more

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