Links need to pay attention to the novice webmaster exchange

2. exchange link time pay attention to the problem, the world is so big what people have, some owners will also use some small means to defraud the Links, such as hidden links, links to you first and then over a period of time to achieve shielding removed, or your friendship chain > by nofollow

many novice webmaster in his early Shanghai dragon in the process, often do not know how to promote their own websites, is full of confusion and unknown to the field, so little love song here as a person has some advice on these novice webmaster, hope can make the novice webmaster to release his confusion and unknown the mood, also let everyone know little knowledge of some basic site promotion and optimization, to help people to help themselves, gifts of roses, hand a fragrance.

Outside the chain, the website of

here is divided into several aspects about what Links knowledge.

website construction of knowledge is not to say, want to say here is the website construction successfully carried out some problems in the promotion process, when our website construction, there are a lot of work for us to do, for example, add content, increase the chain, content is king, the chain for the king, how long is this word spread in Shanghai do not know the Dragon circle, which is the first law followed by our Shanghai Longfeng practitioners content, needless to say, the higher the degree of original nature is better, the chain is not so simple, the simple to say the classification of the chain.

1. is the first source of Links Links source, there are many kinds of channels, the most common is some friendship exchange platform, such as go9go, linkhelp and other platforms, these are the webmaster familiar, Ali was also good, registered in the platform, and then publish their own web site and contact us can bring a lot of the Links source, the rest is our screening. There is some famous Webmaster Platform posted on their website Links exchange information, the website has a large amount of

as the name suggests, is to some link to our website from their website external links, these links are divided into anchor text links, links, related domain and so on, the anchor text is the best, is recognized as the industry’s best link, can drive the relevant keywords ranking, Web links can click, but far from the anchor text effect is good, but compared to the related domain is also good, the related domain is not click on the URL, to enhance the Shanghai love weight slightly, because the love of Shanghai domain under the instruction of the query can.

to say is also a form of the chain, known as Links, Links as an important part of the website function unusual, some people say that a good high weight Links can reach hundreds of garbage outside the chain, this sentence is certainly right, the importance of the high weight of Links visible.

The This paper focuses on the good effect