Sharing experience Shanghai dragon Er users direct access to the homework

for Sina blog, I use the "stand group blog software to fix. Of course, the software also contains many other famous blog on the internet. Second, sina "information sharing" is really nice. All materials are available in the above categories, upload text, advertising, or other products can be.


know, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love of Shanghai Post Bar, after all, Shanghai love their products, good ranking is certainly no doubt. But we can take advantage of its products, to obtain the high quality of the chain can also Everfount obtain flow even users direct access! In this kindly remind everybody, don’t overdo it, everything must always remember the truth not overdo sth. in mind. The only love Shanghai super wisdom elephant is an ant is not allowed on the head. For example, my Jinhua official website is crazy with love in Shanghai know the question and answer, add links. The results were in love with Shanghai PK.


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Sohu micro-blog is also using its high weight, good rankings, then click enter surfer can directly see the detailed information of micro-blog users. Of course, this is the one and only the exclusive advantage of micro-blog Sohu. "

second, want to get more users, more loyal customers, we must first meet the various needs of users. Such as product quality, customer service service, service attitude…… Of course, these are the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon Er, I won’t waste your breath, then I want to share with the webmaster is some users direct access to the homework, even if there is no ranking website traffic still stable homework

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however, very sorry to tell you, Sina data sharing the latest announcement said: do not support language video, please understand. Then I found that sina upload data through the very difficult, but as long as the thought of the word "Jiangnan woman Shanghai dragon’s existence is reasonable" also relieved. Finally, a few problems need to pay attention to the data upload. Sina’s weight is in doubt, take a good title, write a good introduction to basically comparable with the Other Waste website a lot. Oh, what kind of title is good, what is the best introduction, we estimate than I know.

from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon Er all know that want to directly access to the user, must be set up, set the long tail keywords and all around the keyword in the search engine rankings to spend effort in the key. It is a long and hard work (persevering!).

of course, in this period there is no ranking, Jinhua official website is still able to obtain stable flow, and the flow is mostly obtained by Shanghai know love. So, how do those rankings or not to the webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng Er try.

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