Keywords expression needs in depth grasp with the inner world

this kind of search users might have confirmed the disease, but due to lack of awareness of the disease deeply, harm, the risks are not conscious, so need to determine the necessity of treatment.


3. needs to understand the crisis

so today to talk about keywords expression of demand, it is the details of things, all walks of life, various types of key words is not the same, this is the purpose of today to analysis for visitors to the inner world, the deep meaning of the analysis of the importance of keywords, and there is no special method to analyze what all the words limited to the environment, occupation, contact the medical industry, so it can only do some analysis on the medical industry keywords, purely personal point of view, do not agree can use these as a cloud.

after a large number of data showed that the hospital treatment, conversion of search keywords bring is the highest, what is the reason? The author view, such a search is representative of selective demand. So in the real.

1. cognitive (knowledge) type

is not fully mature brain, roughly the search needs a disease to do as follows:

2. confirmation (judgment) type

and the couple said search engine marketing, I have been repeating their point of view has been the representative of the needs of users to search keywords, they search the purpose is to find related things, and we have to do is analysis, these 1. requirements are of commercial value, we need to meet that need it 2.; how are we going to attract the attention of users, to guide the user to enter the site is 3.; we provide content to meet the needs of users; 4. how to explore the potential demand associated with these requirements? (as many shopping network station, buy the goods customers also bought XX, things like how we take that, they want to know what desire to buy, in order to maximize the mining for the medical industry, had a personal consultation, hang the number of sick, These are the need to discover, analysis)

According to their

this kind of more representative keywords words of symptoms, have a certain understanding to this disease before the user search, need to understand the symptoms of the disease, to determine their own situation, to know whether their friends or family have a similar situation.

4. (hospital, treatment) type

for the disease itself is not very understanding of the users often search for disease with ADHD nouns, for example, general search attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, some with ADHD is what will be outrageous… The search needs with understanding such a disease psychological needs, the inside of the wide range of potential patients, is not a lot, or that they brewing to transform time is longer, they need a more in-depth understanding of this disease.