Make your site keywords ranking steadily rising experience sharing

The first point:

actually I also do these work, ranking natural came up, I want to say is simple.

is the weight of this week is a website in the rapid promotion, the author use A5 platform to share this popular website this week is a keyword has risen steadily to test today, after summing up the following points:

fourth: release product information by people network. In the net registered an account, released every day two pieces of information in the above, I do affordable herbal products, on the release of affordable herbal product information, put up the URL in the contact, love Shanghai collected on a high quality the chain, but also many websites have reproduced the people network information, you are reproduced and will increase the chain, a long time will not increase the chain less.

third: with the third party blog website content. Every day I update the blog, then the day before yesterday have been included in the article is reproduced to the third party blog (Sina blog, love Shanghai space, I burn nets) which not only increase the traffic also increased the high quality of the chain, so do the two weeks, the chain also increased several hundred.

as a grassroots webmaster attention to every hour and moment of their website ranking, I hope to have a good ranking in the search engine, the author in the optimization of a blog, several main keywords last Monday of this blog in Shanghai ranking in the third page, this two word of a word have to love Shanghai second, a figure with wood like, see the screenshot below:

content is king. In the webmaster circles spread a word called: "content is king, the chain for emperor", the role of the Internet is useful to provide users with valuable information, the search engine for the high value of the article will give high weight, not contrary to what the value of the article, it is exclusive, here alone for the original user. Experience is very poor, you have not read, the user can love? What is the user does not love does not love the search engine. Good quality of the original content is more important than what. This blog I will update one or two articles, original content every day, love Shanghai every day snapshot, included is increasing, the weight slowly came up, now I almost focus on the content, in the content of spent most time.

second: Links can not be ignored. Links is not only a chain, it is the search engine to judge another important standard website weight, good Links you will stand up to a very large role. Every day I give my website to find the same type of Links, my request is high must be included in the snapshot within three days more than 100 pages, but also the world rankings, outbound links number, these are important reference points for the exchange of Links. Here are not necessarily looking for Links, I also buy high quality links, to spend money to buy a few chain in A5, these high weight link will improve your site weight on the increase in.