Search engine optimization is not only the keyword optimization

want to further understand the search engine optimization will be to understand what is the search engine optimization, single literally, he is to optimize the keywords, allows users to search for a keyword, the search engine optimization method for web search results in search engine in front, and access to certain flow with customers. In fact, from the search engine optimization of the whole market, the market is huge. From the current development of the Internet, with the increasing number of netizens, phase >

we can often see on the website search engine optimization network business means the minimum threshold, so that they now know a little theory of Internet users in Shanghai Longfeng opened their own blog, try to learn optimization, do good things that may be able to create traffic and attract advertisers also earn advertising fees do not say that at least through the process of learning and the accumulation of a lot of Shanghai dragon combat experience, on its own is also a kind of exercise, which is why we originally never to do this thing. Since it is just a means, we look at those who really do only with search engine optimization to the operation of the site or have better profit stand? Never to have, and then to the success of the road and there is


before 2010, the general business or the Internet industry seems to have little attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The talent market specially recruit Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel company very little, the talent market may hit one or two, but certainly there are a lot of people don’t know what it is or will find the occupation of Shanghai dragon void, everyone will say some way, but also do Shanghai Longfeng stage, the short term is to achieve the expected results, this is not too led directly to the enterprise mainly own Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai dragon is not valued by industry commissioner. But in today, there have been a large number of companies looking for the professionals, at the same time, experienced mostly not to friends in the traditional enterprise to do, because the traditional enterprise as their own all related web sites do the basic specification of Shanghai dragon after optimization, after the period seems to have not paid much attention to continuous optimization Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner will directly face dismissal. While the more experienced Shanghai Longfeng specialist will choose to do outsourcing company.

Now most of the

that Shanghai dragon company also is in the form of outsourcing for special operation of search engine optimization. From the Shanghai dragon company itself salesman to customers there on the construction site to do web promotion and search engine optimization, keyword from the long term, do the bidding price will certainly better than the multi search engine optimization. Especially some is not too big, it is impossible to operate, no special commissioner to do is Shanghai Longfeng, website development costs are spent twenty thousand or thirty thousand, so do the search engine keyword optimization will be poor as a few million? So the search engine optimization market demand will be more and more, the website search engine optimization in Shanghai the Dragon occupation will be more and more attention by industry.