How to optimize the collection site access speed

virtual host is good, then the next step is to train, from our website itself to solve the access speed. Deep below tell you to speed up the seven steps of

site access speedStep

we browse the web page content is actually the virtual host is downloaded to the local hard disk, and then explain the browser view. Download page speed in the display speed accounted for a large proportion, so the page itself in the space is small, so the browsing speed will be faster. This requires doing "they follow all the simple principle, such as: do not use too much Flash animation, pictures and other resources. Clean and concise page will give people a feeling of clear thinking.

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Websense research, said as many as 70% of Internet users said they are not willing to read pages on more than 8 seconds, more than 70% people because of "slow download speed" and give up online browsing and shopping behavior. Shenzhen website construction that the access speed of the website directly affects the site traffic, and site visits and almost sites of interest directly linked, so the speed of the website has become the enterprise and owners are very concerned about the issue. The author puts forward his own opinions on how to improve the site access speed, we hope to help.


another vest, run faster

, JSP program to achieve a dynamic and interactive web information, run up is very convenient, because their data interaction is good, it is very convenient to access and change the contents of the database, the website "moving", such as forums, message boards etc.. But these procedures must be performed by the server processing, generate HTML pages, and then sent to the client browser, it will have to spend a certain amount of server resources. If too much in the virtual host to use this kind of program, web page display speed > sure

statistics show that in China, 90% of the enterprise website to select the virtual host as web space. Therefore, choose a good web hosting is the key to ensure the speed and stability. From the current development of domestic IDC development, to solve the virtual host stability and speed has become the focus of the competition of service providers. Two present an effective solution is to take the intelligent multi line room and mirror acceleration engine. Intelligent multi line room can effectively solve the problem of North and South visits bottleneck, its principle is through the intelligent judgment, intelligent recognition of Internet users is Telecom or Netcom, and then processing, return the telecom Telecom Internet IP address, Netcom Internet return Netcom IP address, automatically get the fastest path to realize the communication between North and south. As the host of major business launch line space, three line space, multi line space etc.. Here, because of the contact of this piece of business is more, so the host stability and speed have more in-depth understanding, if a friend would like to buy


to run faster, please lose weight

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