How to do web site data analysis


second, the proportion of

we get a site usually do not know how to start, should do the chain or do? But most should do is to analyze the background data of love Shanghai, the background data analysis to find the website which defects and users of existing web sites which part to be more interested in. To find these website optimize is very helpful to find the data, find the needs of users.

in the analysis of the source of love Shanghai statistics there is a section of this column is the search engine, the proportion of users through the website can tell us what the search engines to. Of course, the vast majority of users of the site is the source of love Shanghai, but half of the users in some industries from 360 and other search engines, especially user groups in favor of elderly users. And now medical website users even most are from the 360 and Sogou, this kind of phenomenon is that if we do the optimization to other types of search engine optimization, such as 360 and sogou. When we don’t understand an industry source of the proportion of the search engine can help us understand the composition of web users, and then according to the adjustment of the proportion of sites and mode of advertising.

to UV said the authenticity is a real user, IP is an address segment. First look at the UV to IP ratio, UV is greater than IP is normal, but if the IP is greater than UV and the data is often so we need to pay attention, is likely to be in the collection or a fake spider visit. The second is to see UV with the ratio of PV, UV and PV if the ratio between close to 1:1, so that the quality of the website is very poor. What we see in this industry the normal value of uv:pv ratio? Can ask peers back then to average, if our ratio of quality is very bad on the average, if either is much greater than the average value, the quality is very good, or there are other content influence the content of user clicks. The ratio of uv:pv is usually with the website jump out rate equivalent, the smaller the ratio, the greater the bounce rate, the more that the web content is poor. This time may need to consider the revision or to do a site.

analysis of IP, PV, UV ratio of


search keywords is the source of statistical user search into our website through what keywords, and then adjust the layout according to the keyword keyword home page and inside pages of. For example, scraper conveyor and scraper conveyor represent the same machine, our website is set up keywords buried scraper conveyor, but most users access to the site is to enter the site through the scraper conveyor, so we can change the scraper conveyor in the title for scraper conveyor. The main advantage is that the scraper conveyor in the more good, so that more users through the word search into our website. To search by keywords > source

third, search keywords source

In search engine source