Analysis of influence factors of ranking website link interpretation


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other websites can give their own links which link text is very important, if you can choose to click on a link, this link is the best word, is very important to the website ranking, if the word can link in the web page of text is of course the most good, but in general this is a bit difficult. Mostly in other places, so the search engine can determine that it is not a part of the content on the website, ranking will greatly discount.

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export and import link

if your website is medical, then nature is similar related medical links to sites of high quality, but also not to say that as long as the content, the link quality is high, can promote the website ranking, you will see the links to the web site overall ranking, if the main goal of this website keywords, rankings are on so, before you and it will link to your site, some of the weight of transmission, promote the website ranking, which is better than you ten are not related links is much better.

webmaster do links always forget how to view the site, the overall health status may, you will feel that this is not what the big impact, but the fact proves that factors is often so small it will affect the overall quality of the link so I >

website ranking factors very much, but the chain is the main factors affect website ranking, website ranking how the chain accounted for 60%, which is why so many insist every day as the day of the reasons for the construction of the external links to the site where. Maybe you can often see a lot of little number of site outside the chain, Links is also very small, but the ranking than you thousands of the chain site is better, perhaps, you will be very puzzled, since the chain ranking factors accounted for 60%, why is not the number of the chain rankings is good? In fact, outside of the chain with the number of quality is not proportional, is not to say that the external links number, ranking is good, the fight is not the amount of. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html) and we analysis what is the quality of the chain, in order to promote the rank of the website:

if the weight of each website is very high, but the export link is very much, so, even if you and he made a link, can be transmitted to the weight of your site is very small, it is better to find a website weight is a little low, but outbound links very, so to your site is relatively large. If there are many inbound links you link on the page, so that the link quality is also quite good Oh, there are a lot of people are willing to import natural description of single link this site has the authority, or other sites are not single into this website.

link text and location

Whether the contents of

links page number

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