Business review site Yelp is in trouble ratings are sometimes unfair

consumers and businesses are unhappy with the filtering process. Some users believe that their evaluation is inexplicably shielded, while many businesses feel that the evaluation on the Yelp does not represent the true idea of the user.

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lead: Bloomberg News website published an article today that Yelp and Angie’s List and other merchants website evaluation of growth is slowing, while Facebook, IBM, and MunchAdo startups are developing new technology, user evaluation more meaningful.

below is the full text of this article:

Like many people, Jay ·, Andrews (Jared Andrews) found that online user evaluations are often disappointing and can’t help


Andrews, aged 34, is a database administrator from Seattle. He said: "usually, people are very fond of a particular item, or they hate it very much.". This makes you wonder whether the person who has made a good comment is the seller of the goods."

user evaluation about people’s electricity supplier shopping experience, and Andrews represents the United States consumer comments on the general view of the user. Consumers look for the best Christmas gifts on Amazon, based on user evaluations, or search for the best hamburger store on the Yelp. However, when looking for meaningful information, they usually do not like anonymous comments.

for Yelp and Angie’s, List and other companies, users questioned the authenticity of online evaluation is challenging. Currently, both Yelp and Angie’s List are losing Wall Street’s favor. Facebook and IBM, as well as start-up companies MunchAdo and Mona, are developing new technologies that try to make user evaluations more useful and prevent businesses from deceiving users with false reviews.

"It’s still a new concept," says

Michael, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School at ·, Luca (Michael Luca). We are finding problems with the online evaluation process and are beginning to use tools to solve these problems."


launched its service in 2004, Yelp became one of the first companies to use online evaluation to build a successful business. At present, 168 million users visit Yelp every month to find out about other people’s evaluations of barbers, tattoo shops and other businesses.

, although the number of users, but Yelp’s performance has not been substantial growth. The bulk of Yelp’s revenue came from local advertising, and as the market became more competitive, Yelp cut its revenue outlook in July, and shares fell sharply. So far, Yelp hasn’t recovered yet.

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