nternet enterprises should dominate the nternet of traditional enterprises



traditional enterprise Internet, is a relatively large proposition. If the Internet companies over the past 20 years from scratch, realized that part of the most dynamic increment in the national economy, and today the traditional business of Internet technology, is the transformation mode of the whole national economy to the new economy.

this is an inexhaustible treasure house, containing unlimited business opportunities, Internet companies should play an active role in it.

Internet development so far, the promotion of traditional enterprises can be divided into three stages, the first is information technology, followed by the Internet marketing, and ultimately enterprise comprehensive internet. In a series of China million net based service providers, successfully established enterprise information platform for traditional enterprises in the online preliminary.

then, to Sohu, Sina, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba representatives of enterprises, for traditional enterprises to provide advertising and marketing platform, the initial sales platform. The third stage has not yet fully arrived, but it is already vividly portrayed, that is, the comprehensive Internet of traditional enterprises.

Internet can not indulge in self-admiration long term, not only the entertainment and advertising for a living, industry in the context of prosperity, help traditional enterprises will move to online business activities, is the main direction in the future.

in the past 20 years, the Internet companies have accumulated a lot of experience and resources in marketing and channels, many traditional companies are using the Internet to provide enterprises with such services have, but it is still not enough. The level of Internet development today is fully capable of replacing certain aspects of traditional economic activities and playing a greater role as technological advances continue to take place.

traditional enterprise Internet, in general, can be broken down into four elements, that is, marketing, channels, products and operations of the internet. The present situation of development is that many enterprises have gained interests in network marketing, and few enterprises are still hovering in second stages. Only a small number of enterprises can move their products and operations to the internet.

Ma Yun put forward in 2005, want to Alibaba into enterprise marketing center, sales center, tax center, work center, etc., he said is actually enterprise internet. Only this has not come true yet.

imagine the enterprise through the portal, micro-blog and video advertising on the Internet marketing activities, through the sale of products online business platform, according to data feedback information according to the needs of production, the use of CRM platform in the cloud to carry out operational activities.

if this scene has become a reality, the cost of production enterprises will be greatly decreased, anti risk ability can be enhanced, operating costs will be greatly reduced, most of the traditional enterprises will encounter the problem will disappear, this is a very exciting future.