Analysis profitable new ideas local webmaster recognize the situation self reliance

as a loyal fan of A5, from the first day of N for a long time ago in here to share experiences, they decided to work together to learn and progress with like-minded friends, wrote "personal Webmaster: masked dancing on the tip of the era of" strong brother recommend stickies for 4 days, there are many novice friends communicate with my local website, thank A5 editors here first, and then the real case today I personally share new ideas for people to make money in a point to the novice friends.

case: Mid Autumn Festival to sell moon cake, earn a small


more than two years ago I accidentally entered the ranks of owners, because of a small bird of factory net easy monthly income of 2000 yuan "soft, do the first site, a website is currently the main operation: Weifang plant network, I believe many of my friends have seen this article, although it has been good for many years the old post but, behind the Times Forum often be on the front page" person ", but I personally haven’t achieve a monthly income of two thousand, with a monthly income of one thousand are difficult, perhaps I was too stupid, but I know other people reselling plant network program I was earning 2000, I also know that because of this article to a lot of people painted a a beautiful dream, but because the sky will not fall pie, but it is not hard to finally burst, and a lot of people, I want to tell a novice webmaster friends, although very beautiful, but Say not all is true, stationmaster industry water is very deep, the website that runs a place truly is very difficult.


in the operation process of this site, because for a food factory boss location and familiar, he is very young, but also interested in the network, and later became friends, discuss some local network development ideas often also in. In 2009 when he asked me to help him make a their company ", they also have a website, but the network company does not give permission to modify what is to be charged, so let me do a simple web page can be easily found on the line in Baidu, hanging on I plant online, but also to the Mid Autumn Festival was selling cakes, so do the key is the moon cake Group purchase like, not long after the keyword ranking on the Baidu home page, until the 2010 Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of I didn’t care about this.


Two months

2010 before the Mid Autumn Festival, I went to their company to play, he said let me help, moon cake, by the way to earn pocket money, sell on commission, does not sell even if finished, I will continue to improve their learning ability to run the business idea first promised, at that time in my case, I do family decoration, sometimes do live, sometimes not work, you will not pick up idle, said at the time as long as you try to sell, at the same time, I give them the company to do the website for my phone, and put some pictures of this year’s moon cake samples and prices up, this time in Baidu ranking is very good.

is about half a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, and it falls right next day