404 custom dropped right

started his station in early July.. The wind started to use the CMS system.. Then looked at feel very uncomfortable, it replaced the DEDE system, when the system change obviously Baidu is not included, only the GOOGLE every day, sometimes one day to several times the entire station ~ page also is GOOGLE plus finished ~ now think very comfortable ah


later changed the DEDE system, some of the previous data feel useless, there is no reservation ~ to say that the system is not the same, retained.. Sooner or later, there will be big trouble, basically deleted all of the ~ so the pages on the GOOGLE have basically become 404 error pages ~ their site is not a lot of traffic, are targeted. One is one, how can you lose these IP, so make the 404 custom code jump to the front page ~ since then….. Too dark day has come! GOOGLE does not come, Baidu included, but only update the home page, the inside pages did not reflect a ~ ~ thanks to update speed of my good, every day a little update then, Baidu spider is a, but the inside pages of my ah.. There is no page! Ask people everywhere, looking for expert help ~ everything is fruitless! Today, in boredom, see 404… In the boring situation, I also see my own page status.. Actually returned is the 200 state. This is not to tell the search, is this page still there? This page?.. A web site has so many identical pages, the consequences… Hey, can’t believe, today looking for NNN long way, changed the N more code, and is no result ~ ~ no way ~ ~ ask space IDC… He checked it out for me, but there was no IDC problem.. Did not specify a good 404~~ depressed ~ in fact, this can not blame others, all rely on manual settings will do, and I did not say hello to others. Use the control panel management ~.. Everything’s settled! Now wait for the happy day! There’s one thing to be sure. I don’t want to advertise, but….. A lot of people to webmaster nets to stick to do not seem to be a little sorry, I put my solution to say, and share with you, station www.588l.com is now recruiting links ~