How do webmasters improve the site’s PV

many webmaster friends have never pay attention to their website PV, friends ask your website how, will say 10000IP, but don’t say how much PV. For example, the novice do stand will make the beauty picture stand, general picture station average PV at around 5 on the good, ask how many PV counterparts, that almost everyone, this time you may meet, think this is good, maintained at this level is not a drop on all the OK.

but what you don’t know is that there is an average PV at 20, or even higher. Such a station with you than you think advertising hits rate will be much worse, and a 20PV compared to a 5PV site, I can definitely say that your Google ad click rate can be about 10 times or so. This is through my own comparison, I have a 20+PV station, Google click rate of around 8%, while another 4+PV station is only 1% points, two stations a day of income difference can be imagined. The high PV shows that your website is attractive and visitors like it, and natural visitors will continue to grow, even when your site is K.

so how do you improve your website’s PV:


content is the key, a little more original content, other sites have the content you don’t send, who does not love fresh content; column classification should be clear, don’t say things you mobile phone to the computer class, visitors will resent; picture station picture size best unity they will feel you very carefully, site quality is not the same nature, the process of visitors will feel very enjoy watching the thumbnail, also should do well, should be clear, to fully display the most wonderful part.

2, a good template is required, and now many downloaded templates are the same, so there is nothing new. The template should be simple and elegant, and the fancy template will make you feel good, but not practical. It’s better to write one yourself. No ability to buy one at the Adsense forum or spend money on someone to write one.

3 can’t make your website advertising all over the place. Yes you do the purpose is to make money, but you can’t make money in order to use unscrupulous divisive tactics to your site was destroyed, like garbage station, you look at your hard to set up websites like this uncomfortable? Not anxious to make money. Things like traffic switching are best left out of your website, and this is extremely disrespectful to your visitors. Want to have high PV, popups, forced click on such ads, it is best not to appear on your site. Try to keep the original state of your site, so that visitors to your site’s psychological positioning naturally high.

tell me about it. I hope you can get something. Thank you for reading.