The nine Betta 0 39 of the lending rate of bad debts is how to do it

lead: 0.39% of the bad debt rate is only a rough comparison, even lower than commercial banks. More surprisingly, founder of the nine Betta also said that it is not just a P2P financial platform.

"nine fish" is a P2P lending platform, like many P2P lending platform, the loan for small and medium enterprises and individual investors docking. Provide investors with guarantees and risk reserves to pay for investments.

latest data on the platform, their bad debt rate is only 0.39%. For the moment, regardless of the difference in computing methods between different platforms, only a rough comparison of this figure, lateral view, in many P2P platform, the bad debt rate is very low. Even worse than the bad debt rate of commercial banks. read more

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Where is the difference Why hasn’t Renren become China’s Facebook


remember the battle "three battles" before Chen Yizhou shouted? "I wonder how the battle is going now.". Recently, Liang Jian said on the snowball, at present, Renren net worth of $1 billion 300 million, cash 900 million. After deducting cash, the market only gives everyone 400 million of the company’s business valuation, in fact, far below Facebook. So he launched a discussion: why didn’t Renren make Facebook in China? It’s been discussed by a lot of users. This is a very interesting topic, many netizens point of view is more pertinent, I will net friend’s main views are as follows: read more

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Personal website experience

, how do you locate the individual station?

in the ubiquitous network, Internet companies everywhere, online content seriously saturated today, personal website must have its own characteristics, many people may have this experience: starting from their most familiar industry! Many online content, only by a content system, put tens of thousands of articles, in the search for no good the performance is also difficult to improve visitor loyalty, website viscosity is not good, there is no development, always in the thousands of IP scale. read more

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User experience helps you achieve zero distance contact with your users

a lot of people have asked me, why do I always emphasize the user experience, how to narrow the distance between the user? Essentially, users in your web browsing process, every picture navigation, header format, layout etc., affect the user and the distance between the two sites is. Close or distant.

good user experience, can close the distance with the user, improve the efficiency of the user to complete the task and user satisfaction and comfort. Although the user experience does not determine whether a website is worth continuing to operate, it will ultimately determine how many users will like the site and browse it spontaneously. And we can look at the user experience distance from a few small details. read more

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Stationmaster annual meeting closes successfully stationmaster industry needs more attention

May 17th is a big day for the webmaster, the fourth Internet webmaster will be held in Beijing, the main venue is already crowded, I heard the venue owners more enthusiasm, many owners are standing after the annual meeting of the owners. Stationmaster annual meeting has such fiery scene, visible stationmaster this industry has become an independent industry in the life, have this oneself industry rule and responsibility.

as the saying goes, three hundred and sixty lines make the best. The industry in the emerging industry from now known by the people, the people have been gradually into the webmaster industry, has gone through several years, many webmaster is relying on the Internet have their own house, car and home, this is the webmaster occupation title for more owners more happiness and enjoyment. read more

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Today’s headlines Xu Yilong if the content is good enough the more than 400 million users are yours

One of the features of

algorithm is to make headlines today individual heroes do not ask the source, whether you are what kind of hero, hero, or wild rose stands ten thousand hero, as long as you have the user value, today’s headlines will be on your eye. This is a new era of content for the king, the Internet content entrepreneurship is still far from the end of the wind.

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Xu Yilong: Deputy Editor in chief of today’s headlines


new media era is the production of most people, most people look at read more

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Summarize 20 common ways of website promotion

1. forum to promote

whether you post or reply, or post, as long as the post is not advertising content, it is legitimate post, the post is not deleted, basically can bring a considerable number of visitors to the site. But do not busy blind operation, should be fitted to reality, in order to recommend ways to let the forum user know, otherwise the BBS administrator only need to click delete, promotion post can be missing.

2. blog promotion

blog more interactive, in the blog promotion, at the same time, the review must be sharp, sharp, attractive, can reach the focus of other people, can bring rich visitors. read more

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Webmaster are you still selling Chinese cabbage links

is probably from the beginning of 2007. At that time, I often removed from behind, to see a lot of the acquisition of Links posts, most of the post is PW webmaster, the purchase price is generally very low, the website of PR1-2 5-10 yuan / month, PR3-4 website 15-20 yuan / month. At that time I and many webmaster thought: link bit empty is empty, anyway, the other side of the station Baidu included normal, this money do not earn white do not earn, so pick up some of such a rich link.

do not know, this is not responsible for their own site, one hundred harm and no benefit, unless your station itself is garbage station. A few months after my website PR value dropped to 2, although later returned to the 3, but the Alexa rankings plummeted, dropped from 200 thousand to 1 million and more, of course, there are reasons to adjust the China Alexa official website ranking. But the removal of some PW website linked to horse problems, to be sure: for a new home with it like link network, GOOGLE and Alexa are not likely to what weight. Similarly, the exchange of friendship chain must choose the quality, the best kind of related websites. read more

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The way out for local communities portal and e commerce

usually exists in the local portal community form, from the activation level Xicihutong, to catch up from behind the 19 floor, Hefei forum, long lane, the main products are community. We usually refer to such websites as local communities, which are often local portals, local life portals, or local consumer portals. Looking back on the history of these websites and looking to the future, we can see the future direction of these websites:

will transform the portal and e-business in the absence of a deviation from the community model. read more

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Baidu statistics on 4 things you can not help but know

Baidu statistics in the webmaster circle is talking about more and more, especially after the last time out of a collection of quantity, maybe you have Baidu statistics ship, maybe you are still on shore looking.

but anyway, after the observation and thought of niche, and tell you, the following question is the first thing you need to know before you make a decision:

one, with Baidu statistics, affect the site included and ranked


we all know that Baidu is what character, and always a little webmaster is not what to say, say K K, there is no use crying. Baidu statistics, Baidu is not more clear to me?. read more

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