English website how effective the chain


correlation is the most important one to do the wedding website to do a painting of the foreign trade website the chain effect that is really small, link to the website of your authority is also very important, leading a Wong Vera wedding industry to you do outside the chain, and a Suzhou imitation brand wedding mall B2C give you the chain gap is huge. The website of the authority level by the number of high authority website to make him see one-way links.

we look at what kind of ranking noble chain impact: read more

Enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

6) to write a concise report on optimization, Shanghai Longfeng planning, and Shanghai dragon plan about this, actually this is for a study of their own, look at the stages of what needs to be in place.

Enterprise Station of Shanghai dragon has a lot to analysis, when a website to get the first hand.

In fact, Phil

4) observation to the optimization of the website keyword competition, this is a must see, a keyword directory should take into account the keyword has much competition, and this is a keyword how valuable, there are some key space pan, is very easy to cause the traffic situation, no conversion rate this is, we need to observe the (select keywords, and understand the long tail keywords will be every Shanghai dragon Er will learn the knowledge, whether using tools or with love Shanghai or search, there must be a complete list, according to the word and in turn, long tail keywords will be ready) the best source of your flow. read more

How do the crooked Shanghai dragon promotion

and QQ group is the same reason, the first large and crooked crooked group, each group can accommodate ten thousand people at the same time, more powerful than the QQ group, it is best to choose the more active group, otherwise, although people can not active, the effect will be just passable. But you can choose according to their own wishes, I just suggest.

I believe everyone to YY must not strange, in ordinary life, I also often use YY, is basic in the game on the crooked, but sometimes boring when they go on listening to the music began to play, I did not care about crooked, then slowly I found a good platform for the YY tools but also the promotion of. So, today I will share my views. read more

All kinds of reasons analysis of site is down the right love Shanghai

: the first More haste, less speed. over optimization problems of

The most painful thing is

do not know why suddenly found the site suddenly disappeared today, a web page ranking are not, this website format for a year what problems are not continuous, ranked in the top 3, lasted more than three months, before a few sites are doing cross links, and always well, but one of the top five industries lost three sites, 3 sites are not likely to cheat or excessive optimization?? what is a good solution for read more

How do put the strategy game to love Shanghai Sogou first

, how I do love Shanghai Sogou first? First of all you have to remember this, Shanghai dragon is good user testing, to make the user experience I will only use this measure:

all the Internet all good friends, self in a technology company in Zhuhai after a few and we met, time flies, time flies, a year passed quickly, do not know through a variety of love Shanghai new algorithm test is the webmaster or not? Today I bring you a experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience, and the way we exchange in 2014 Shanghai Shanghai dragon to do love. read more

Google Adwords AP how to extend the function of Excel



gadget Shanghai dragon Excel plug-in is Excel only 20032007 and 2010 in 32 and 64. If you intend to use a large array of doing research, you need a powerful computer, for example, need a more memory, faster machines.

2, Excel 2003. It also requires NET 2. However, the lack of a very useful helper "array" function, such as automatically adjust the size of the array and returns a table capable of operating in a multi-threaded mode to adapt.

data capture! The

1, Excel 2007/2010 (in NET 2 run time) read more

Google search algorithm after page weight encryption process will enhance

[TechWeb] News reported in August 7th, Google Corporation announced that in order to encourage developers to better protect pages and information, Google search algorithm can improve the search by weight encrypted page.

Google said that this change will only affect less than 1% of the global search request. (peak)

after the search of "weight encryption will increase

however, Google said in a statement, "whether through a factor just Google search algorithm reference in determining the" high and low weight processing encryption, compared with the level of quality of web content, web pages are encrypted on the effects of low weight. read more

Do long tail optimization how to choose long tail keywords to bring flow

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

features of long tail keywords is relatively long, often consisting of 2-3 words or phrases. Long tail words are generally more accurate, the competition is relatively weak, so there are basically 1 articles to do a long tail word, large portal of Shanghai dragon will planners in the optimization project for the site layout of a large number of long tail keywords.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical read more

A twenty three year snack Kingdom battle once seen as a demon stock also faced deathChen Yaning on

according to the staff of Baoan District Bureau of human resources, not only for the employment needs of the masses to do practical things for public employment service platform, has solved problems, but also help the government decision-making departments of labor situation, real-time information on the real-time status of labor demand structure, students graduates and unemployed residents household employment trends, provide the reliable data support for the employment service and helping the work of the government. At the same time, through the platform, also can timely release the intermediary illegal operations, the exposure of illegal black duty > read more

Look at team harmony how should the start up team be harmoniousMop August settlement need to upload

Hello, I’m a grass roots brother, and today we continue to talk about the team. In an article on the "strong team, dare the climax" together we have already mentioned the concept of a harmonious team, but because of the grassroots brother fragile heart by some unexpected blow, had to hastily end, today we talk about the team again, as is the development of a rotten paper. And, well, nonsense not say, we go to the point.

you know, the early start, we face a problem is the biggest limited funds, on all sides and we have to be able to save the province, even if we have to do is save, but many aspects of the conditions are not the pursuit of a more perfect, such as eating, working conditions and so on are so. Similarly, the grassroots brother is also faced with such a situation, there is no moral principle that grassroots brother present working and living environment is very bad, in the rental, because China Unicom and telecom owed some electricity and could not pull the landlord in the rental of broadband, so we have a few people have to find a way to create us better working conditions. read more

Hua Xia Chinese entrepreneurs why not playing hard dry dryThe seven scheme to make money online

she also based on many years of operating brand and customer experience, draw the brand intentions, do customers, not only hard, but also hard experience and experience.


oral | Enterprise Group Chairman Hua Xia

3, mail class:

2, registration class:

in addition, there are many mail companies also provide registration to make money, but some of them are not open to the Chinese people, should pay attention to. What’s more, some companies require you to stay active for a reward after registration. In addition, this method of making money has a certain standard of english. read more

180sms SMS AllianceKorean clothing house Zhao Yingguang blunt sense of success

in 1995, Zhao Yingguang graduated from the Korean Language Department of Shandong University. He was the first Korean language student after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Korea in 1992. From the beginning of the University, Zhao Yingguang will do some small business. In the summer, when the university dormitory did not have an electric fan, he was from the wholesale market into a group of small fans, a large, a small, 6 yuan, he hired some students in Shandong university entrance to sell, retail prices can be sold to around 15 yuan. Zhao Yingguang joked that this was his distribution model at that time. read more

The Wangzhuan is confused novice you have to look atZhou Hongyi many people do not lack emotional in

used to listen to some experts who earn one thousand on a daily basis. I could only make dozens of dollars a day. At that time, the practice is to keep the post to make money, during the period also received some people, that is, ask them to post to earn. Although a bit of that, but… This is indeed feasible. I earn more than 200 by posting. One dollar was 300, when I was doing Witkey star, CPA.

experience and lessons are all money. Thank you very much for listening to me. But nonsense, here it is. Let’s get down to business now. How should we get to the new road? First learn some basic knowledge of network and learn HTML code language. I don’t want you badly. At least look at the understanding. ASP PHP these do not have to learn, after learning the website code, you can basically deal with and understand. Now is the question of space and domain names. The space is cheap now. With hundreds of pieces, you can buy an unlimited station for one year. Like this website I’m using right now. So I also sell space. This is better earned. After you have space and domain names, choose > read more

nternet medical companies face record from the capital touted to large layoffs only 8 monthsWhy sho

carved ye made a nail o2o fire, and then there are more than a dozen of the country to do similar nail o2o.

East today to write this article is not the analysis of e bags wash business model value, since a friend asked, it must be like to copy, want to venture investment, not just said to do this business to earn much money. In fact, if want to warn you that entrepreneurs do not follow the idiot risk investment to start hot, most of you will become cannon fodder!

air purifier is hot, and hundreds of traditional, or entrepreneurs, air purifiers all over the country. read more

Now is the best time to do up new Taobao customersLiu Qiangdong said the original dream is politics

through my observation, sh419 Taobao k guest website is generally divided into two categories:

entrepreneurship is a dream and glory of youth.

this is why millionaires and other charges Wangzhuan training class is not the same, not to let you do the project, but to begin learning basic knowledge. It is not because I am free that I am not willing to teach you real things. On the contrary, I am not willing to waste my precious time doing unnecessary work.

As for the

this has to be told by my family. My ancestral home is Hunan. My grandfather and grandfather were born in Hunan, and my grandfather’s generation is still very rich. After that, the state engaged in public-private partnerships, lost family property, and was forced to move to Jiangsu, Suqian, and had to stop to make a living. I was born in a rural area of Jiangsu Lake in Suqian Luoma, because his father would sail on to the shipyard, a worker. read more

Let Taobao store as our profitable toolBean fruit Cuisine Kitchen economics in interactive communiti

as the first discovery, sharing, interactive community exchange recipes such delicacy delicacy, beans fruit delicacy provides an online platform for delicacy enthusiasts, but also open up the two big puleses community and business. As a typical UGC community, 80% of bean fruit food comes from users. If you think these are just simple recipes, it is wrong – and user upload recipes, will attach a related story, therefore, the delicacy beans fruit recipes with personalized color and full of warmth. Web users engage in conversation about recipes, triggering group resonance. read more

This is Yongle Film and television fourth backdoor Wang Zhongjun Huayi Brothers missed 1 billion 20

HTC new material was previously Focus Media backdoor object, backdoor draft released half a month later, HTC new material and its actual controller has been investigated by the commission. 3 months later, the Focus Media abandoned shell HTC new material, "passed on" HEDY holding.

According to

still hasn’t given up looking for shells. In May 2015, Yongle Film again targeting Hong Keung e, the latter announced 2 billion 780 million yuan set by the acquisition of Yongle film. Among them, private brother Xu Xiangqi of Shanghai Xu Ze hee increase investment intends to subscribe for 850 million yuan to participate in the reorganization of assets. Unexpectedly, in November last year, Xu Xiang was arrested, the reorganization also had to terminate. read more

Ali YAHOO search ahead of referralsWill New York be the next venture gold rush

Tencent – in December 27th, the Bay Area start-ups attracted worldwide attention, partly because they received huge financing from local venture capitalists. But Joe ·: Lille JonLehr is worried that if startups want to sell their technology to big companies, they’d better consider going to New York.

is co – founder of Work-Bench, a technology entrepreneur accelerator, and head of the Work-Bench venture capital division. He pointed out that New York is their home for many big companies in the financial services, media and other industries". You know, companies can provide a lot of useful feedback, and if start-up companies are lucky enough, they can even earn a lot of money. read more

Summarizes three kinds of stationmaster to make money the patternRipple easy to brush CPA suspended

has been in touch with the Internet since he was in high school. It has been more than 10 years since the song was counted. In these 10 years, I also tried to do a lot of Web sites, but did not succeed, after a period of time, no traffic, it did not go to manage it. Maybe I’ve got a fever, and I’ve got another website recently, but the pie doesn’t hit me on the head. Nothing like two before. But this time, I’m confident that I won’t give up as easily as before. Because of this, I also summed up the friends around me, they do the way station. read more

Leave Ali mom where will goSuper income white collar mobile phone film business earning a relaxe

with the site traffic increase, often see their advertising revenue, my website science education network www.xuegle wave on the line less than a year, the highest IP every day is more than 3000, recently is around 1000, while the highest income is 4 yuan, now every day is 1 yuan. 1000IP=1 yuan, the ratio of garbage flows is still low, we lack this element? We do propaganda but also for mom? But also for the Ali Mama advertisers show free? This problem has troubled me for a long time, today raised hope to discuss with everyone. read more