User experience helps you achieve zero distance contact with your users

a lot of people have asked me, why do I always emphasize the user experience, how to narrow the distance between the user? Essentially, users in your web browsing process, every picture navigation, header format, layout etc., affect the user and the distance between the two sites is. Close or distant.

good user experience, can close the distance with the user, improve the efficiency of the user to complete the task and user satisfaction and comfort. Although the user experience does not determine whether a website is worth continuing to operate, it will ultimately determine how many users will like the site and browse it spontaneously. And we can look at the user experience distance from a few small details. read more

Stationmaster annual meeting closes successfully stationmaster industry needs more attention

May 17th is a big day for the webmaster, the fourth Internet webmaster will be held in Beijing, the main venue is already crowded, I heard the venue owners more enthusiasm, many owners are standing after the annual meeting of the owners. Stationmaster annual meeting has such fiery scene, visible stationmaster this industry has become an independent industry in the life, have this oneself industry rule and responsibility.

as the saying goes, three hundred and sixty lines make the best. The industry in the emerging industry from now known by the people, the people have been gradually into the webmaster industry, has gone through several years, many webmaster is relying on the Internet have their own house, car and home, this is the webmaster occupation title for more owners more happiness and enjoyment. read more

Today’s headlines Xu Yilong if the content is good enough the more than 400 million users are yours

One of the features of

algorithm is to make headlines today individual heroes do not ask the source, whether you are what kind of hero, hero, or wild rose stands ten thousand hero, as long as you have the user value, today’s headlines will be on your eye. This is a new era of content for the king, the Internet content entrepreneurship is still far from the end of the wind.

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Xu Yilong: Deputy Editor in chief of today’s headlines


new media era is the production of most people, most people look at read more

Summarize 20 common ways of website promotion

1. forum to promote

whether you post or reply, or post, as long as the post is not advertising content, it is legitimate post, the post is not deleted, basically can bring a considerable number of visitors to the site. But do not busy blind operation, should be fitted to reality, in order to recommend ways to let the forum user know, otherwise the BBS administrator only need to click delete, promotion post can be missing.

2. blog promotion

blog more interactive, in the blog promotion, at the same time, the review must be sharp, sharp, attractive, can reach the focus of other people, can bring rich visitors. read more

Webmaster are you still selling Chinese cabbage links

is probably from the beginning of 2007. At that time, I often removed from behind, to see a lot of the acquisition of Links posts, most of the post is PW webmaster, the purchase price is generally very low, the website of PR1-2 5-10 yuan / month, PR3-4 website 15-20 yuan / month. At that time I and many webmaster thought: link bit empty is empty, anyway, the other side of the station Baidu included normal, this money do not earn white do not earn, so pick up some of such a rich link.

do not know, this is not responsible for their own site, one hundred harm and no benefit, unless your station itself is garbage station. A few months after my website PR value dropped to 2, although later returned to the 3, but the Alexa rankings plummeted, dropped from 200 thousand to 1 million and more, of course, there are reasons to adjust the China Alexa official website ranking. But the removal of some PW website linked to horse problems, to be sure: for a new home with it like link network, GOOGLE and Alexa are not likely to what weight. Similarly, the exchange of friendship chain must choose the quality, the best kind of related websites. read more

The way out for local communities portal and e commerce

usually exists in the local portal community form, from the activation level Xicihutong, to catch up from behind the 19 floor, Hefei forum, long lane, the main products are community. We usually refer to such websites as local communities, which are often local portals, local life portals, or local consumer portals. Looking back on the history of these websites and looking to the future, we can see the future direction of these websites:

will transform the portal and e-business in the absence of a deviation from the community model. read more

Baidu statistics on 4 things you can not help but know

Baidu statistics in the webmaster circle is talking about more and more, especially after the last time out of a collection of quantity, maybe you have Baidu statistics ship, maybe you are still on shore looking.

but anyway, after the observation and thought of niche, and tell you, the following question is the first thing you need to know before you make a decision:

one, with Baidu statistics, affect the site included and ranked


we all know that Baidu is what character, and always a little webmaster is not what to say, say K K, there is no use crying. Baidu statistics, Baidu is not more clear to me?. read more

Keyword ten days of time in Baidu home tutorial

first introduced my new station, QQ2009 address will not write, a QQ2009 on the station, the above for my new station registration time. Now QQ2009, Baidu is ranked fifth, sometimes dropped to seventh, and today IP should be around 6000. Registration time is 18, officially began to do the time to forget the station, the following is about how I can make IP 6000.

, first of all, determine the content of your site and keyword, suggest you use the Baidu index to find the corresponding keywords. Here, I chose the keyword QQ2009, QQ2009 this keyword, the current search volume of more than 2W per day. After selecting the keyword flow, we should analyze and analyze the competitive intensity of selected keywords. QQ2009 this keyword competition is good, not too strong. As for how to determine the strength of the competition, I only analyze your home page the title of the site and the chain, specific to grasp it, I will not dwell on. read more

Baidu included more strict webmaster release soft Wen more effort

early this morning to open the site to monitor a look, my weight loss site snapshot also updated, and the chain is also stable increase, but the fatal is, Baidu SITE less 1/3. Is the site to drop right? Not ah, snapshots are updated, and recently no search engines do not like it. Carefully checked and found the deleted articles are reproduced and changed less articles, but also deleted articles I have another website, there is relatively little change when other people. It seems that Baidu in the article included in the audit more stringent. read more

A good website can only succeed if you lose money

For no

mixed network, but no money, so money become investors, entrepreneurs of choice, see Chinese successful Internet companies are using the money out of the heap, the general procedure is to do technical platform, cultivate the market, VC financing and listed financing mode

For no

mixed network, but no money, so money become investors, entrepreneurs of choice, see Chinese successful Internet companies are using the money out of the heap, the general procedure is to do technical platform, cultivate the market, VC financing and listed financing. The achievements of the network industry, Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, 163 Sohu, and the current market uncertainties in the shaky video website are money hungry. read more

Hand taught you how human flesh Adsense liar

, the author fought online for many years, do not want to have been cheated once, but also from a few months ago.

dedecms as a loyal users, I added a lot of Dede QQ group, July, met a romance in the group of webmaster, has been complaining is how depressed, love setbacks, cause (personal website) did not look, how to promote are only a few hundred IP, do not want to engage in the website, to save the failure out of love and the cause of the low, even meters with data selling low price, a reflection to the fare home. read more

nternet enterprises should dominate the nternet of traditional enterprises

traditional enterprise Internet, is a relatively large proposition. If the Internet companies over the past 20 years from scratch, realized that part of the most dynamic increment in the national economy, and today the traditional business of Internet technology, is the transformation mode of the whole national economy to the new economy.

this is an inexhaustible treasure house, containing unlimited business opportunities, Internet companies should play an active role in it.

Internet development so far, the promotion of traditional enterprises can be divided into three stages, the first is information technology, followed by the Internet marketing, and ultimately enterprise comprehensive internet. In a series of China million net based service providers, successfully established enterprise information platform for traditional enterprises in the online preliminary. read more

From my 5 years of construction experience talk about the construction of online shop and SEO stati

I fall in love with the network

five years ago, and also with a website, at that time only know how to make a website, actually at that time really wrong, in a chance, I saw SEO station, there are a lot of people use SEO to do online SEM sales, slowly fell in love with him. In the beginning, there was no open source online code, and it was only when he studied zen-cart that he discovered his function and what he did for the user experience. It was really good.

in fact, we all know, now the site is not advertising money earned, but if the use of the network to do sales, as long as you can insist on, will certainly bring you a surprise. Didn’t anyone say that twenty-first Century was the age of e-commerce?. read more

Huang Xiangru where is the road for financial and economic websites

The nineteenth Chinese Internet development report data related to early

CNNIC released by the Chinese Internet users access to information needs have changed: the news demand has been relegated to second, access to financial information demand has accounted for 41%, he hopes to get useful information, including network, network financial stocks have accounted for the investigation 10.5%.

at present, the domestic relatively professional financial website is broadly divided into three categories. The first category is a web site funded by traditional media or traditional media and other companies to provide financial content as the main business. Its remarkable characteristic is that the information released is authoritative and the economic report is deep, but the technical power is general. The second category is the emerging financial website and portal financial channel, its remarkable feature is to provide a variety of free services, technical force is powerful. The third category is a brokerage background or directly opened by the brokerage site, they are considered an extension of the original brokerage business, mainly through the publication of research reports and future online trading business to attract investors. read more

Analysis profitable new ideas local webmaster recognize the situation self reliance

as a loyal fan of A5, from the first day of N for a long time ago in here to share experiences, they decided to work together to learn and progress with like-minded friends, wrote "personal Webmaster: masked dancing on the tip of the era of" strong brother recommend stickies for 4 days, there are many novice friends communicate with my local website, thank A5 editors here first, and then the real case today I personally share new ideas for people to make money in a point to the novice friends. read more

Hu Xiaodao a grassroots opinion or suggestion on the stewardess network

before you read this article, in order not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding, made such a statement: before sending to here, there has been the same article. Only the author of the article for me. Anyone else can take the article as its own name, welcome to reprint, just leave a link for me, huh?.

some opinions or suggestions on "stewardess network"

– website operations from grassroots folks, think about

remembers starting out with space sister, because she was doing a career related website (I want to publish At that time, the website system used is Dai Zhikang’s program, and then in the landscaping of the website above to find the discuz forum template class post, from which a beautiful website into my field of vision, it is the stewardess network. A careful thought, I think the flight attendants network to a great extent, and I do the site is very similar, which can be summarized as two points: 1, all belong to professional communication class. 2, most of the members are concentrated in women. read more

50 days on the line

imperceptibly, the website has been launched more than fifty day, there will be more of it, I can’t remember exactly, which should not be difficult for outsiders to have, only you webmaster friends can understand my words.

first, let me do my next stop.

loves ebook

a look at the name of the website will know is to do e-books download, I am more dedicated, only to do mobile TXT e-book download.

with many novice webmaster, as before to think about how to save money, how to save money, bought the 1G space only spent more than 200 yuan, a CN domain name a dollar, add up to less than 300. read more

404 custom dropped right

started his station in early July.. The wind started to use the CMS system.. Then looked at feel very uncomfortable, it replaced the DEDE system, when the system change obviously Baidu is not included, only the GOOGLE every day, sometimes one day to several times the entire station ~ page also is GOOGLE plus finished ~ now think very comfortable ah


later changed the DEDE system, some of the previous data feel useless, there is no reservation ~ to say that the system is not the same, retained.. Sooner or later, there will be big trouble, basically deleted all of the ~ so the pages on the GOOGLE have basically become 404 error pages ~ their site is not a lot of traffic, are targeted. One is one, how can you lose these IP, so make the 404 custom code jump to the front page ~ since then….. Too dark day has come! GOOGLE does not come, Baidu included, but only update the home page, the inside pages did not reflect a ~ ~ thanks to update speed of my good, every day a little update then, Baidu spider is a, but the inside pages of my ah.. There is no page! Ask people everywhere, looking for expert help ~ everything is fruitless! Today, in boredom, see 404… In the boring situation, I also see my own page status.. Actually returned is the 200 state. This is not to tell the search, is this page still there? This page?.. A web site has so many identical pages, the consequences… Hey, can’t believe, today looking for NNN long way, changed the N more code, and is no result ~ ~ no way ~ ~ ask space IDC… He checked it out for me, but there was no IDC problem.. Did not specify a good 404~~ depressed ~ in fact, this can not blame others, all rely on manual settings will do, and I did not say hello to others. Use the control panel management ~.. Everything’s settled! Now wait for the happy day! There’s one thing to be sure. I don’t want to advertise, but….. A lot of people to webmaster nets to stick to do not seem to be a little sorry, I put my solution to say, and share with you, station is now recruiting links ~ read more

Baidu algorithm is very stupid do garbage station is very special very flooding


has been concerned about the station network, but rarely write network course than out early, but did not make a stand holding the hands of hundreds of millions of total flow dumps and millions of dove. I just love to do Different people have different aspirations., garbage station, without too much thinking, a simple model can successfully "".

recent Baidu algorithm has heard big adjustment, the funny thing is that Baidu likes garbage station, my dozens of stations have risen again. But many professional station normal station even BLOG was blocked, especially new sites, CN meters are K too fierce, the new site is certainly not a good PR value chain, the ranking is not much, needless to say, almost 80% new sites in Baidu search can not survive 2 months. This is the search for disease, control garbage station would rather kill one thousand, do not let go one hundred. The pain and anger of the little station leaders went nowhere. In 2008, too many old owners were diverted or transferred to the underground. It was easy to do "gangster" money, read more

ce on the living circumstances of small owners

Due to the recent

company opened, has a half months not to write articles, always want to write an article about the valley brother advertising articles before, but the time has been very tight, the article did not write, I find myself want to write an article now, one is to enrich their lives, the two is to improve their writing level.

in fact, there are many things need to be done by yourself, and you can write it according to your own experience. For example, in recent years the webmaster experience, website promotion and advertising, advertising alliance and the choice of a series of things! In fact, as a webmaster is particularly hard, I remember when I first entered this industry, joined the advertising alliance, looking at a few cents advertising revenue, and later to 2 dollars the income, moving mood, can not calm. read more